The EDM Sphere

The Public Sphere has changed over the years. The first ideas of a Public Sphere was invented in 1960 by Jurgen Habermas. Habermas is a German philosopher who invented the Public Sphere Theory. He explained that a public sphere is an area or place where people can go talk and debate about subjects that are happening at that current time. For example this would happen when being with friends or at your local coffee shop.

But now, the birth of the internet.

The internet has rapidly advanced over the years and now has 100’s of social media platforms where people can now openly express their opinions and debate about topics from the comfort of their homes.

I became apart of a public Sphere on the 4th of April. That day, music producer Getter announced that he would be cancelling the rest of his ‘Visceral’ tour. This tour had 7 stops left but was ended shortly due to ‘fans’ booing and throwing objects at Getter from previous shows. There was nothing wrong with his tour, it was just different from what fans expected. Getter’s music genre is Electronic Dance Music and his style was originally Dubstep, Trap, Electro House but he soon grew out of those genres and wanted to experiment with a new side of EDM. He did that, did a tour with the new songs he made and the results are as shown.

Screenshot from Getter’s Twitter

Getter announced this information on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so he could reach out to as many fans as he could. This blew up instantly and each media was hit with overwhelming support from fans and fellow artists.

The comment section on these platforms played a huge role as fans were able to express their feelings towards Getter’s decision and made them feel involved in the situation. Some people thought it was a bad thing for Getter to call it quits on a nearly finished tour, but others supported his choice because what’s the point of perusing something if you aren’t enjoying it?

These platforms are great examples of public spheres because it is a way to address public issues and allow the public to share their thoughts on topics instead of having news articles addressing situations and only letting the reader to only be left with the information with no voice.


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