Rebel Sound Assessment

William Aiken 6464488

For this Rebel topic I asked my dad to tell me a story from his youth days. I wanted to focus on story telling and adding sounds to accompany the story to capture the scenes he was describing. I wanted the audience to feel like they were there. This story suits the ‘rebel’ theme as it’s a story about teens being young and reckless and being rebellious by being in dangerous situations.

For some Foley examples, I had to record the suitable sounds to fit the scenes being described. The vibrating sounds of the train track were recorded from a metal poll after being hit with a stick. The jumping into the river water effect was moving water around in the pool and showing movement was recorded from leaning against a wall.

The only problems I came across when recording was recording good atmosphere. I live near a main road and was always picking up car sounds or other unnecessary sounds in the background so I had to drive away and find a new location to record. I also wanted to add more dialogue for his mates in the story as background dialogue to help set up scenes he was describing.

Foley/original fx – Bike riding, bike dropping, bike skidding, walking on grass, rope swing motion, water splashing, walking on rocks, sitting against a wall, vibrating poll.

Atmosphere/Ambiance – Atmos near water, cricket ambiance, atmos outside, train, train horn.

Voice – Gerard telling the story

Influenced by story telling and the added fx to accompany the story.


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