Motion Picture: Rebel

For the motion picture task I wanted to do an interview which focused on three individuals who would be asked multiple questions about being a “rebel” and letting them answer in there own words on different perspectives on rebelling. This was heavily inspired by ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That‘.

Kurt Docker who is the producer of ‘You Can’t Ask That’ inspired me to do this type of video as I am a fan of his work. He has done previous work for abc1 with videos showing drug addiction and other relating topics which I found related to the ‘Rebel’ topic.

For the interviewees, I wanted to get people who were different ages and experienced different types of rebelling. This would consist of my school friend Tom (20 years old) my work friend Jerome (31 years old) and my mum Penny (45 years old). This was to give a variety of answers of rebelling and how different age groups may have experienced it.

The three interviewers were asked 4 questions which consisted of:
– Are you a rebel?
– How do you rebel?
– Why did you rebel?
– Do you regret being a rebel?

The set up of the studio consisted of
– 2 DSLR cameras (one for close up) (second for a medium shot)
– Studio softbox lighting
Rode Smart Lapel Microphone
Blue yeti studio microphone

The studio set up

For this set-up I used two cameras which were placed on top of each other with tripods; this was so the framing of the shot would still be centered and not look off when switching between a close up and medium shot. I used two cameras because i wanted a close up when the interviewee would start talking about an experience which would engage the viewer when watching as it becomes more engaging. A lapel microphone was attached to the interviewee which would plug into an Iphone where I could store the audio files from the Lapel. A blue yeti was also on set as back up audio just in case the audio with the lapel couldn’t be recorded. The Softbox lighting was placed on the right side of the room as it was the best location for the light to be distributed onto the subject. When in production I clapped before the scene would commence as it would allow me in the editing stage to line up the Lapel audio with the two cameras so it could all be in sync.

Overall, i’m happy with how this video turned out.

Directed, edited and sound design done by Will Aiken


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