Digital Artefact – Mirrors

The digital Artefact is a great opportunity to explore things that people are interested in and gives the freedom to explore new avenues that people would of never thought of starting. The Digital Artefact is a networking opportunity to meet people and collaborate on projects.

The concept of my digital artefact was to make a brand that represented the underground EDM scene. The brand I made was called Mirrors, this brand would upload mixes from underground artists and make recap videos for artists playing in venues. I would reach out to artists and venues to network and it was mostly successful allowing me to pick up a gig and upload two mixes.

The methodology for this artefact was networking. Reaching out to artists and asking if I could help there brand was a great way to start as people want to build there own platforms as well. I had to do these for free because I first needed to build a portfolio, then which I could start charging people as I have work to show. For making the visualizer for the mixes, I had to learn how to use Adobe After Effects and watched many tutorials online on how to get the wavelengths to sync with audio visualizers. It was a cool thing to learn as now I have the knowledge on how they are made and have a general understanding of after effects. For filming, I already had a pretty good understanding of filming and editing footage as I’ve done it for many years now so it was easy to incorporate that into my Digital Artefact. The only thing I had to do with my camera equipment was when I had the opportunity to film at the night club, I purchased a low light lens which suited my camera so I could film in the dark nightclub which helped the overall footage.

The utility with this Artefact is for people who are interested in the underground EDM scene. For fans It would be watching artists who they support and seeing how there gigs go if they did not attend. For artists it would be used in a way to get there gigs filmed and the opportunity to upload it to there own social medias to show fans how there gig went. For the YouTube side of it, underground artists could have there mixes uploaded to the channel with a visualizer attached to there mix, but this never really got any traction.

In conclusion, the iteration from the feedback I got from people who supported my project found that the Instagram page was more successful and more enjoyable content wise as people like seeing recap videos. In the future, I am hoping to continue this project and focus on the Instagram side of things as this seems to be the platform people use the most, I want to continue making recap videos for artists as I found it really enjoyable.




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