Online Presence 3

Working on my digital artefact has been really fun and I have learnt a lot about programs/editing/ and operating a social media platform for possible business opportunities. This project has encouraged me to start things that I wouldn’t of seen myself trying because I can be lazy when it comes to starting new hobbies. With this project, I have encountered some trials and errors throughout the 13 weeks on working on my digital artefact and have found what works and what doesn’t.

So, there was the plan to film the artist Thieves at Heyday on the 25th of October which I went too. But, nobody showed up to the venue which led Thieves to not play, hence why haven’t uploaded a recap video… To counter this, I decided to upload to my YouTube channel instead and upload another Riddim mix from my mate Skeddy.

In my previous online presence I did mention that my main focus would go to recap videos but because Thieves did not playing at Heyday that night, It really restricted what I could upload content wise so I had to upload another mix to keep up with my online presence.

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New mix 🌻

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Uploaded a teaser which people can click on to see the full video.

I should be continuing this project over the Uni break to help further my opportunities with working with artists and making a decent portfolio for potential work. I could be filming an artist in Sydney on the 15th of November, just hoping it all goes well.


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