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Internet Historian | Know Your Meme

There is a man out there who recaps the biggest internet moments in history. This could be either failed events, website wars or even a video game aimed for kids that was inhabited with pedophiles. The man is Internet Historian, and he has been put here to educate generations on how the Internet has the greatest treasures and Triumph’s.

The thing is with Internet Historian is that I couldn’t tell you his first name without looking deep into the internet for it, he doesn’t give up information about his personal life or who he is, but he sticks to the character of being an incognito journalist reporting on historical events that happens between the internet.

He has had millions of views on his videos and has over 2.4 million subscribers. His popular videos like Very Serious Business, the series of He Will Not Divide Us and my personal favorite; The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkeley, a video where a man in a balaclava assaults a person at a rally which leaves the website 4chan to do a manhunt and find out who the criminal was which can be seen in this video. This just shows how powerful the internet can be when it comes together.

The support Internet Historian receives from his viewers are by far phenomenal. This allows him to dedicate a lot of time and effort into his content with releases of 30+ minute videos talking about a subject. The support is done via Patron with over 850 monthly subscriptions. He aslo has the oppurtunity to do sponsored videos with advertsiers from businesses wanting their product shown through his uploads. Because his videos are about the internet and mostly gaming, his sponsors would usually be by gaming companies/websites for the viewers, such as Raid Shadow Legends or NORD VPN. You can see in the description of his videos, he will have a link to the advertisers and a discount code to the product he is promoting.

Because his videos are so well made, it leads to other content creators to watch and react to his videos, which allows for traffic to his channel as subscribers from other channels will go check his content. Internet Histroian is also very active on his social media, expeically his twitter and second Youtube channel titled ‘Internet Historian Incognito’ where less detailed videos would get uploaded.

The ethonography for this channel would be gamers and internet nerds who are interested in this culture of content creation. Being educacated on a booming market of an educational public sphere is what the future of research will be when it comes to the creative industry.

The reason i’ve chosen to talk about Internet Historian, and mostly youtubers in my blogs, is that i’ve always been interested in this side of the internet and always wanted to be a Youtuber myself. I have studdied different channels on the platform for many years and how the traffic and algorithm and what works on the website. Internet historian’s presentation on his videos are comedic yet, very eduactional for people wanted to learn on the topic.


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