Project Pitch – YouTube and Algorithms

For my media Niche, I did YouTube and focused on content creation and algorithms, for my DA, I want to focus on audiences who watch YouTube videos, and want they think about the content creators they watch, why content got recommeneded to them and how it works.

This video Pitch does not cover everything I want to talk about in this research as I could not find the wording to explain my overall outcome. But, I am hoping by researching and investigating this field will give me better insight and understanding of the platform and hope to help others who are also interested.

I will be doing my reseach by interviewing people over discord with discord servers and reddit forums and even a private message and asking them what they think about Youtube, are they happy with the content they see? Do videos that they’re not interested in keep coming up in their timeline? Do they know how the algorithm works? Do they feel like it’s an invasion of privacy or are they happy with content that’s recommended.

I want to also ask people who have thought about making YouTube videos, do they know how to make video to hit a target audience? how to get views on videos and make them more entertaining for viewers to come back and watch more? There’s so much to unpack with this question and I’m hoping with my research I can get a great understanding of audiences and content creation with YouTube.


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