Introduction to BCM 313

Welcome to my blog!

My name is William, and I am currently in my third year at UOW studying Communications and Media.

When I was younger (Around 14 years old) I was infatuated with YouTube, Content Creators, and the idea of it being a job. So, when I was a teenager, I started to make my own YouTube videos that was heavily oriented around video games. With this, I was introduced to recording, video editing and graphic design, as these were the elements to make a polished YouTube video. I stayed with this hobby for a few years and slowly learnt more about production of content and how it can translate to ‘real life’ work. With this interest in media, I studied a diploma in Film and Television at JMC Academy in Sydney. JMC was great for understanding pre-production, production, and postproduction and what needed to be considered when working on set, or with clients. With having this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to do freelance work for businesses, helping them with making advertisements for social media. I’ve currently worked with over 10 clients so far, and hoping to continue with freelance work in the future when the covid situation settles down.

I do think the interest in YouTube I had at a young age impacted me, as this is something I’m hoping I can pursue as a career now as I find it very enjoyable. So that’s why I’m continuing my studies in communications and media, as I hope studying in this degree broadens my opportunities for employment as there can be multiple fields in production and media.


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