Dispatch: the Game

During this semester, the group and I were worked on a product that would benefit local produce growers and to get into the trading economy. This was dispatch, A product that would allow users to trade/sell and deliver fresh produce to local people in your community, creating a sustainable business on produce, and a healthier future for the environment, businesses, and people.

As discussed in previous assessments, we have covered majority of the topics that are affecting todays produce. Large corporations, greenhouse gas emissions and over production just to just name a few of what is affecting the overall economy of this market.  For my digital artifact, I have gone in the direction of making an advertisement for a video game that involes dispatch. An app that would allow users to create their own virtual gardens via their mobile device. The game would allow users to grow, sell and trade their produce just as intended as the real-life application. But with playing the game will allow real life benefits to those who are involved with dispatched. Discounts, reward points and monthly prizes are only the tip of what is it come from this new innovative video game. 

I chose to do an application as it will contribute people who are involved with the sharing economy, as we all know the sharing economy consists of users who trade or contribute via the people who are involved in the community. This is either from deliveries trading or selling, making an economy within itself. This application is directed at this community as it will self-sustain itself through users using the application. For example, people who grow and trade produce, using the game and making virtual garden alongside will benefit them as it will reward them to be more involved within the trading community as it will allow them to get discounts and better trade offers.

From looking at how users associate themselves with services through mobile applications, it gives us a better understanding on why this innovation could be successful. Comparing our video game application to other services like uber, it gives a better understanding on how the consumer experience can be enhanced. Explained by Zhu on how RA (Ridesharing Application) can offer that greater experience “From a consumer perspective, RAs are attractive because they offer lower prices, better accessibility, great flexibility, ease of use and “a user focused mission” (Zhu, et al., 2017). With this, we can take in account the mobile application as a way that the user can feel like they are in control of their virtual product, which will guarantee a better user experience as it will feel more user based, giving the user benefits of using the two applications.

With the new movement of this application, it will benefit the future of dispatch, as more users will jump aboard the sharing economy and create its own system within a system.


Zhu, G., So, K. K. F. & Hudson, S., 2017. Understanding consumer motivations behind the adoption of mobile applications. Inside the sharing economy, 29(9).


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