Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 and why it sucks

Easily one of the best arcade-type franchises to touch the late 90’s-2000’s console era, Tony Hawks Pro Skater series was beloved by fans worldwide, while introducing a new whole new generation to the world of skateboarding.

From looking at the sales of the PS2, combined with other consoles like the Xbox and GameCube, we can get a good idea of how successful these games were (Pro Skater 1,2,3,4), even to follow on, the success of the Tony Hawks Underground series which matched it’s predecessors.

Now to discuss the absolute monstrosity that is Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5. This game tainted the beloved franchise for its quick cashgrab approach. From reading around, it is told that the only reason this game was released and marketed was because the contract for the tony hawks franchise was about to expire, meaning they only had a matter of time to squeeze out an unfinished game to cash in on.

The game itself was bad, it didn’t follow on from the groundwork of the previous pro skater titles (world building, characters, interesting locations/landmarks). I’m not hooked on nostalgia, these games still hold up and the internet will tell you this, through mods like ThugPro (community made mod that combines all THPS/THUG games). Which is still beloved by the tony hawks pro skater community.

Developers may have good intentions, but audiences and the community will always be judgmental when they can sense that a project that is released was not made in good faith, especially when there is a price tag attached to it.


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