The Redemption Tour

When i was 14 i was introduced to an artist known as ‘Hoodie Allen’ and instantly became obsessed with his music. I had all his albums and Mix-tapes downloaded on my iPod and would listen to him everyday without fail, you could always catch me with earphones listening to his music.

2015, I was 17 and The Australian and New Zealand Hoodie Allen Tour was announced. I couldn’t believe it was real, I had to go.

My parents allowed me to buy tickets with a friend of mine and the excitement of going was surreal. We sat at the computer glued to the screen just waiting for these tickets to go on sale, the tickets became live and we scored 2 general admission tickets.

The show was only a month away and my friend and I counted down the days but was shortly destroyed by a tweet from Hoodie himself which basically said that he had to reschedule his tour for later in 2016, which never happened.

After that announcement and as i got older my taste in music changed and i soon stopped listening to Hoodie Allen.

2018, I was now 20 years old and it has been 3 years since hoodie announced his Aussie tour.

The friend that was coming to the 2015 show messaged me about Hoodie’s new upcoming Australia tour. We haven’t listened to any of his new music and just weren’t really fans of his anymore, but with some persuasion from my friend we had to go.

We buy these tickets as a joke, like a throwback to the old days. Not thinking anything about it and having no expectations.

The date comes around and we arrive at the venue, it’s held at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney which only had around 200 people attending. It was one of the smaller venues I have been too. Everyone that was waiting it the mosh was talking about how they’ve been waiting so long to see him and were worried that he was just going to play songs from his new album.

Hoodie comes out with a live band and he opens his set with one of his biggest hits ‘Eighteen Cool’. Instantly the nostalgia fills the room, and everyone is in awe. The night consisted of songs from his old albums and it was like everyone in the room was just waiting for this very moment like i was, it was like we were all at the 2015 show we were meant to see. It was one of the best live shows I have ever experienced.

The overall experience of this show was amazing because i got to share it with strangers that enjoyed the same artist i did. Having no expectations for the show and for it to turn out to be one of the best live acts was truly the greatest experience ever and a memory i’ll cherish forever.


One thought on “The Redemption Tour

  1. Hey great Blog mate!
    Really cool that you had no expectations going in but ended up being your favourite gig. I think smaller venues help a lot in feeling more connected and engaged with the artist which is super cool. I had a similar experience with going to see Dz Deathrays. A mate and I snagged a ticket last minute and didn’t really have high expectations but it turned out to be our favourite gig we’ve been to. Great read, Great times, and classic hits


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