Project Beta

This is the update on my project and what I accomplished so far with it. In the video I talk about how the project has shifted just to get more traffic to this business (Focusing on more edm genres etc..) and how I’ve reduced myself from using SoundCloud as the platform for EDM mixes and instead using Youtube and making visualizers. In this blog you can find the links to the content I have uploaded to these accounts.

So, the approach I took for this project was just to message the clients myself. This was successful for Hey0day, so why not actually message the artists directly? Reached out to Hamish (stage name Marauda) asked if he wanted to a have a recap video for his show in Sydney which he responded;


With having the opportunity to do the recap video for Loge21, it helped me use it as a portfolio to link to other artists as a way to show them what I can do.

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Loge21 @ Wollongong 👾

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My mate Ethan contacted me about an opportunity to film a techno night in Sydney as he was doing the graphic design for there Facebook page which I accepted

Messaged groups on Facebook that are in the Dubstep/Riddim community if they wanted any visualizers for there mixes but did not get any responses from that.

Overall, this project is turning out how I wanted it to be and I’m looking forward to what it brings for the future!


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