So, my project has come along nicely and here is what has happened so far.

FEFO: For the FEFO side of things, this project has had it’s ups and downs and i’m happy I tried to do new things with it. For doing a multi-platform business, I wanted to try new avenues that I haven’t tried before, hence making a Music Visualizer. This turned out pretty cool but didn’t get the response I was hoping for from people as no one seemed interested in getting involved by sending me their mixes. That was fine, I’ll still slowly work on it and put my main focus on making recaps for people as that side of the project has started snowballing.

FIST: The way this overall project worked, Fist was kinda used but a lot of work goes into one upload with this project.
Fast: Not really as making recap videos you need to get contacts, meet up, film, edit and upload just for a 30 second video that would take me 3 hours to do all up.
Inexpensive: The software that I use to edit I have “Purchased” (Don’t tell the FBI) and is accessible for me, but the camera equipment has cost me a bit but is worth it because it’s what I want to pursue.
Simple: no
Tiny: eek

I have gained a little following on my Instagram, which is 17 followers. The only thing I have done is told people to follow it from my other Instagram account and uploaded the video for Heyday which I tagged them and the artists who were in the video. YouTube I have 4 subscribers and got 55 views on the Riddim Mix

I should be heading down to Heyday again on the 25th of October and will be filming Thieves and making a recap video for him which will be done just in time for the end of the project. Should be some more content before that as well which I am working on, this includes another visualizer mix from my mate and more recap videos.

My friend Ethan is visual designer and has offered to help out with the project and to make me a logo for my business which will go on my Instagram and YouTube.


One thought on “Prototyping

  1. Hey mate, Great job with your Digital Artefact so far! I think that your recaps is the more interesting and impressive aspect of your content. While mixes are great, the recap videos really show of what you can do with your filming and editing skills. I also think that focusing on recaps can help get your brand noticed and gain a bigger audience as well as more opportunities to work with artists and film recaps for them. Keen to see what you do next mate! good luck!


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