Pitch comments

Pitch 1 – Taya Gregerson “FNAF”

For Taya’s digital artifact she will be exploring Five nights at Freddy’s, an exploration of text about the game media surrounding the FNAF series. A part of her digital artifact will be the idea of connecting to the audience by making a contextual report about the fnaf series. Something I’ll be interested in, but I don’t understand too much about the game history, so having a contextual report will be something to look forward to.

Pitch 2 – Riley Slowgrove “The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Stream”

Riley DA will be about him live steaming the game “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, another DA which I’ll be interested in because I have no idea what this game is nor any information about it. This is something that will be explained by Riley as he does a playthrough of the game which would connect to the audiences (like myself) who are new to these types of games.

Pitch 3 – Jackson Thorne “Analysing the Dead By Daylight Killers on Twitch”

Jackson will also be live streaming, but with the game Dead by Daylight, a horror game which allows survivors to have a chance to escape a location that they are locked in with a killer. Jackson will be exploring the killers of the game and lore surround these characters.

Self Reflection

What did you contribute?

For my three comments, I contributed advice or information that may help each student work on their digital artifact, this is either through various links to YouTube videos, media outlets or academic sources which may help them add onto their DA’s for the future.

• How did you draw on subject materials including lectures and reading?

I was able to draw onto the subject materials by exploring how each DA will be using paratext to explore information surround the game media each student was investigating.

• What research did you offer?

  • Taya
    Game examples how the fandom of FNAF is always creating new concepts surround the games media, maybe something to explore with her DA
  • Riley
    Offered Riley a link to a video which would help him with twitch streaming and editing down raw footage if he wanted to make highlight reels with the content he makes.
  • Jackson
    Linked Jackson an in-depth guide of the characters in DBD, as this is something he will be looking into, and also suggested the idea of reading an article about DBD and how the players experience the game.

• What actionable suggestions did you make?

An actionable suggestion I made was for Riley’s DA, the idea of streaming is great, but being able to connect to more audiences by having other sources of media would really help his approach, as having highlights of his gameplay and commentary, or even the VOD for viewers who missed the stream would be helpful

• How useful was your suggestion and how might you be more engaging and providing better feedback in the second round of comments?

I think my suggestions may be helpful, but it’s hard to say when students already have the intention or mindset to continue with what they want to do with there DA’s. Offering advice is the best you can do but people don’t have to take it on board which is fine. I’m looking forward to seeing if they change or add on from the advice received from myself and other students.

• What did you learn?

From reading these three DA, I learnt how everyone can be excited to share something they are interested in, I love the idea of talking about a hobby I really enjoy, so reading about others and how they want to share their experience and educate others made me really satisfied with being apart of this subject.

• What did you get out of the experience? 

Educated on information I was not aware about, for example, Jacksons DA on Dead by Daylight informed me about more within the game, like the character and killers, I wasn’t aware there was that much depth within the game and now makes me more interested in playing the game more and finding out more information through Jacksons DA.

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