Introduction to BCM212


Currently finishing my second year at UOW in Communications and Media. I have been studying since 2018 where I started at JMC in Sydney, and got my diploma in Film and Television production. I then transfered to UOW in 2019 to start a Bachelor’s in Communications.

I am really interested in media and content creation as I’ve done this work for three years now. I make ads for businesses, which is usually for their websites and social media pages. I do the filming and editing and would hope to pursue this field in the future for work as I find it very enjoyable and interesting.

So, we have been asked to answer what “one thing you thought uni would be like?” To answer this, I thought uni would be more more simple when it came to the classes. I didn’t think we would be learning such a broad field of information when it came to communications. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just suprised me as I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this field that never came to my mind before.

I asked my mum the question “one thing that comes to their mind when you say “university student” and she said she finds most university students obnoxious, this being that they are very passionate about causes while at uni, but once they get jobs, they just go on with there lives. I don’t know if Penny is spitting facts right now but that’s her opinion

Thanks for reading c:


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