Research proposal

Should parking on campus stay free?

This week, I was looking for a carspot on campus as the street ones were already taken, and it completely slipped my mind that the parking is now free! This was very convenient for myself, and I bet anyone else who needed to get a park without wanting to pay.

So this is going to be my question; Should the parking stay free for University students and teachers?

I want to talk about this as I think personally that it’s a scam. Pre-covid, Students have always had the pressure of knowing they need to pay for parking if they’re not lucky finding a spot on the streets, and I know the price may seem small to some, but it does add up overtime. Students shouldn’t need to worry about these minor inconveniences as there is enough pressure with balancing study and work life as it is.

This goes with the teacher’s as well, I do recall being in a tutorial and the teacher had to leave class early to move the car so they wouldn’t get a fine for parking overtime.

There is a lot of research in this argument as seen here. I would like to ask the students at UOW there point of view on this matter through surveys and other sources.


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