Content Creation in the music industry


I originally started an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) project in BCM114 which originally motivated me to go into nightclubs and do videography for EDM artists when they came down to Wollongong. This has contributed to my digital portfolio which has helped me to where I am today. Right now, I’m still involved with the EDM scene, I have filmed over a dozen artists and are now able to financially gain from the project by having clients and freelancing.

My digital Artefact will be produced on two platforms; YouTube and Instagram. The links to these profiles are here:


My project is targeting Music lovers with the aim of them attending and consuming local EDM content. Based on my background and experience with videography and the EDM scene, I’ve noticed that when I originally attempted this digital Artefact, I didn’t have the networking and resources available to make a strong enough impact on the peers in the community. So, my digital artefact is going to be showing a new and improved version of what I have accomplished thus far and continuing a social presence on Instagram and YouTube with content from DJ’s and and events in Wollongong and Sydney.


For my digital artefact, social media will play a massive role with the content I produce. As this community thrives from interactions, involvement and networking. Creating content will be my ideal source for trafficking towards my socials. I will be filming, editing and collaborating for artists in the EDM scene. Audience interaction will be monitored through followers, interactions, collaborating and communications with audiences and artists.


I think it will help bring extra content to my portfolio, creating more networks for me to pursue, and gain more of an appearance in the online space, this digital artefact is to benefit myself and my career in the freelancing industry.

Audience Persona

People who love nightlife, nightclubs, EDM. There are a bunch of niche nightlife communities who follow the EDM scene I film in. (Let’s go dancing, Eighty-Six). Audiences want to see artists they like, see the vibes they bring live, relive the night they attended, consuming content.

screenshot from my YT Channel

Mood board

More uploads, content, more followers, more networks, same themes.


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