The idea of making a DA is exciting as you can pursue something you love and hoping you can share your interest to like minded individuals .

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So, my DA is focusing on the Dubstep/Riddim scene and how I can basically get involved with it. What inspired me to do this as my DA is the community in the Dubstep/bass scene. Recap videographers like Infinite.Frames and Leighton Clarke do awesome jobs of capturing an event which really inspired me to get try get into this industry as it would be something that has both of my interests, Dubstep and filming.

My main objective was to was mainly focusing on the filming and editing side of it making recap videos for artists which would of go onto my Instagram, but I have realized that this goal might be hard to achieve as i might not be uploading enough content for my project as this may happen every few often. I started to explore new ideas and how I could improve my project to be able to upload more content and to connect to more people.


I went and messaged clubs and people who were in the scene on social media asking questions involving my project. I messaged Heyday which is a nightclub in Wollongong that has a weekly bass night on Fridays hosted by 404. I asked if it was possible to come in and film acts for experience and that i would do it for free. They ended up replying and gave me the okay to do so! I’ll hopefully be able to go and film an act at Heyday and make recap video as I intended for my DA.

I messaged Infinite.Frames on Instagram who is in the scene as an event Videographer as he was doing an AMA on his story. I just asked how he got where he is now and he gave me a good answer on how got there and some advice that i will take on board with my project.

I even made a tweet asking if someone could me a logo for my project but was bombarded by bot accounts saying they could make me logos.

Improving my DA

Focusing on my YouTube channel, i’m going to make a visualizer. I’ll be doing this through Adobe After Effects as this is the program used for animated visualizers. This will be similar to what Trap Nation and The Dub Rebellion use for there channels when they are promoting a song from an artist. For mine it will be for mixes, getting artists to send me there mix files and I can make a visualizer for there mix which will be surrounding my brand and the Artist who’s mix is being uploaded. My friend who has a mix to send me and has let me know he can make me more in the future for my project. Using him as an example, i am hoping to get more underground artist to send me there mixes which I can upload to my channel.

For my overall DA i’m hoping to upload content every week where it either be a new EDM mix or a recap video from an artist at a nightclub.

I’m looking forward to start making content for this DA as I feel like there is a lot to learn and new skills that I could gain by working on this project.


One thought on “Ideating!

  1. This is a great DA to show an audience exactly what you are passionate about. The ‘networking; you have done is great and shows how far your DA could go especially because you have received good feedback from the people you contacted. You definitely contacted the right people for this project but I would have liked to see a bit more on what you will produce from this. For example in my DA I am doing a few blog posts each week on the festival scene in Australia but I am not really sure where your DA is going in terms of what the content is that you’ll be creating. Maybe in your prototype you could make this clearer. Otherwise the idea is fantastic and has really good foundations.


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