Work and Values

BCM313 was an interesting subject for me this semester. Getting to investigate the ‘future of work’ with a more in-depth view of employees and the work force. For this assessment, we were asked to interview someone who worked in the field you would like to be in, in the future.

For this, I interviewed Steve Anderson. I work with Steve with his advertising and media business, which is a field I am hoping to pursue with my career as well. (The YouTube video above goes more in-depth of Steve and his work)

Steve has had an interesting life. He has worked in many fields and has a lot of progress with business, clients, and knowledge within the media industry. I found that talking to Steve about the industry was interesting because of his experience, I felt like what he was saying was genuine and offering good advice.

The Interview with Steve gave me insight on his values and is something that I will take forward in my career. Steve talks about the values that are important to him, these are
– Honesty
– Communication
– Trust

The way Steve talked about his values really showed who he was as a person. these are values that he has in his day to day, who he thinks being the best person he can be, and it is something he brings to work when he is working with clients.

Steve talks about honesty. For Steve, honesty means a lot to him, and you can hear this throughout the interview. He talks about how he has conversations with clients and why it is important to talk about the projects, if they are happy, if you are happy or unhappy. He says that you should always be honest, as this is what will get you through projects. Because if you are working on a project, and don’t necessarily like working with said clients, you need to communicate this. This goes into Steve’s next value, Communication. Communication works well with honesty, because you can always communicate with people, but it’s communicating the right things that will benefit your day to day. Steve also talks about Trust; Trust is an important value for Steve because he wants to know that when he is working people, he wants them to know that they can trust him, and he wants this to be the same way for him. Steve wants the clients to know that he has their best interest at heart when he is working with their business, as Steve wants them to have the best outcome they can.

This interview can be seen as ‘outsider witnessing’, the reason for this was the way the conversation was conveyed throughout the interview. Steve talks about the industry, and how it’s changed overtime with the rise of technology. A part of the interview, Steve says the line ‘as you know yourself’, in context, Steve was referring to me and I can do the advertising from home with software on the home computer, but it’s the way he says it that makes the audience feel engaged as if he is talking to the viewers as well. The audience gets to sit in on a conversation happening between two people, which informs them about the media industry, and also let’s them understand the interviewees personality.

Thanks to Steve for the interview.


Russell, M. C. &. S., 2003. Outsider-witness practices: some answers to. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work., 1(1), pp. 1-22.


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