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Youtube has been a big part of my life.

This platform has offered so much entertainment for me over the years, from watching content creators such as TOBUSCUS, PewDiePie and BoBurnham. In my younger years on the website, it was an endless pool of content. Even though looking back at these videos which are now a bit outdated and a little bit cringe, It is still nostalgic and fun for what these videos provided for many viewers around the world.

Youtube Monetization - Meme by CommanderJax :) Memedroid

Over the years, YouTube has changed. Being monetized on videos means you need to follow strict community guidelines on the content you upload. This hurt a lot of creators as there videos were either edgy or they didn’t filter their videos. Majority of creators were forced to change their content or leave the platform as there content wouldn’t survive the current state of YouTube, such as Filthy Frank.

People do have the opportunity to make YouTube there full-time job and by following these guidelines, but it can restrict there creativity when it comes to making a video.

I was watching a video about a game when I noticed a video that was recommended to me, it was titled “DOOM // RAP REVIEW”. I clicked on the video and it was by a guy called NakeyJakey, I didn’t know who he was and he had about 6000 subscribers. The video was fun and well made which I like but what intrigued me about the video is that he produced his own instrumental for the song, this dedication to a video made me very interested in him straight away.

From watching his other videos such as “Games that should Bang” (a series about video games that should combine there qualities and make a really fun video-game) I knew this YouTuber had the potential to be a large on the platform.

He is very charismatic with his delivery on topics that he is passionate about. The best part is that he sticks to the community guidelines while still making entertaining videos. With clean editing and silly punchlines, he influenced many content creators on how to approach topics in a fun and comedic way. From this style of video making, he has surpassed over 1.5 Million subscribers on the platform and is recognized as one of the top content creators by many.

Nakeyjakey Gamer Brains GIF - Nakeyjakey GamerBrains Dancing ...
Nakeyjakey Gamer Brains GIF

The reason why he has such a large audience, is because his videos are relatable and full of nostalgia for people who played video-games growing up. It is also refreshing to watch his style of videos in an over-saturated market of content where his videos stand out like a sore thumb.

With having a large platform has given Jakey the opportunity to have advertisements on his videos and advertisement from companies which for pay for a shout out at the beginning or end of the video. Having this platform has let him further pursue his music, with releasing 5 Singles and having over 420,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Having all this media for audiences to consume is great for a content creator as there’s always room for growth and keeping audiences entertained.

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